Justin Bour to the New York Yankees?

The New York Yankees have struggled mightily at the First Base position this year. The Yankees have tried out Chris Carter, Ji-Man Choi, Tyler Austin and Greg Bird at the position this year. Tyler Austin and Greg Bird have both sustained injuries. Chris Carter has been so bad that they designated him for assignment at one point. Ji-Man Choi has had 8 plate appearances so far this season. As a whole the Yankees’ First Basemen are hitting an abysmal .178 so far with only 12 HR and 35 RBIs. That is not the type of production they are use to from that position.

A rumor is that they are now targeting Miami Marlins’ First Baseman Justin Bour, who is a lefty power hitter. A typical Yankees’ First Baseman. As we all know lefties thrive at Yankee Stadium. Not only is Bour a lefty, but he loves to pull the ball. According to FanGraphs, Bour has pulled the ball on 46.5% of the balls he put in play, with 48.3% of those balls being put in the air. In Miami that is not usually a recipe for success, but Bour is hitting .286 on the year with 19 HR and 56 RBIs. Now just picture him hitting like that at Yankee Stadium .. oh boy.

However, it may be hard for the Yankees to pry Bour away from the Marlins. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald has stated, the Marlins “are not going to give away a player who is productive, cheap and under team control through 2020.” Well, Justin Bour is productive this year, is very cheap and under control until 2022. Therefore, the Yankees may have to give up more than they would like to to acquire the services of Bour.

The Yankees need an upgrade at First Base and help in the pitching department. Is acquiring Bour the Yankees first step to becoming World Series champs for the 28th time? Only time will tell ..


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Nicholas LoPrinzi

I'm a washed up D3 college baseball player who is pursuing their MBA in Accounting. I love baseball, basketball, and football; while rooting for the New York Mets, New York Knicks, and New York Giants. Most of the time it is full of misery. I have recently found a passion for writing about sports. I have posted a few articles for Last Word on Sports and I have now created my own website (the-sportstalk.com). You can check out my articles there and also follow the twitter account @_thesportstalk.

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