The Red Sox Dilemma at Third Base

Throughout this season, the Boston Red Sox have used 4 infielders at the third base position. The results are staggeringly underwhelming. They have a combined 17 errors at that position. That’s an MLB worst. This season they have used Pablo Sandoval, Deven Marrero, Brock Holt, and newly Tzu-Wei Lin. Brock Holt, the super utility player has recently seen action in AAA Pawtucket after dealing with Vertigo on the 60 day DL.

Not only has the problem been on the defensive side, but the lack of offensive production has also affected the teams’ ability to hit in the bottom of the lineup. The combo of third basemen are hitting under .220 in the first half of the season. With Holt likely out a couple more weeks after the All Star break, what options are out there??

In the trade market, there are many intriguing options they could turn to, whether it be a year rental player, or trade for a prospect or player under contract for the future, there are many options at 3B. One of those options is Todd Frazier of the Chicago White Sox. He comes at a price, but if he likes the atmosphere and if Dombrowski has a feeling that he would extend, he’s a sensual option at the trade deadline. ¬†Frazier is hitting a lackluster .215, but that number will skyrocket in a hitter friendly ballpark.

He has a lot of upside, he can play average defense, and hit bombs. He won the home run derby two years ago. The cost would be rather inexpensive, as he is a free agent after this season, and the White Sox are in the early stages of a rebuild. It gives Rafael Devers more time to develop into an elite third basemen. The 20 year old from the Dominican Republic is having one of his best seasons of his minor league career boasting a .298 batting average in 75 games for the AA Portland Sea Dogs. He also has 18 HR and 56 RBIs to go along with a .364 OBP.

No matter what direction the Red Sox decide to go in, there are plenty of options on the trade market or in house that should make their third base problem a solution for the second half of the season.


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