NBA Off-Season Tracker

Kevin Durant re-signs with the Golden State Warriors (2-year/$53M)

No surprise .. No other teams were interested


Stephen Curry re-signs with the Golden State Warriors (5-year/$201)

Supermax contract for Steph .. Once again no surprise


Paul George traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder are taking a risk since this may be a one-year rental, but if they can re-sign Paul George and Russell Westbrook, oh boy what a steal .. The Thunder send Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis to the Pacers


Chris Paul traded to the Houston Rockets

In return the Clippers receive *takes deep breath* Patrick Beverly, Sam Dekker, Lou Williams, Montrezl Harrell, DeAndre Liggins, Darrun Hillard, Kyle Wiltjer & top-3 protected 2018 first round pick


Jimmy Butler traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves are my early winners of the off-season so far .. In this trade they send Zach Lavine, Kris Dunn & Lauri Markkanen .. The Timberwolves also receive Justin Patton


Gordon Hayward signs with the Boston Celtics (4-year/$128M)

Came down to the Jazz, Celtics and Heat .. Ultimately he reunited with his college coach, Brad Stevens


Blake Griffin re-signs with the Los Angeles Clippers (5-year/$173M)

After Chris Paul was shipped off to the Rockets I thought for sure Blake was gone too .. Shocked to see him back in a Clippers’ uniform next year


Kyle Lowry re-signs with the Toronto Raptors (3-year/$100M)

Lowry was swaying his options for a bit, but he could not turn down $33M a year


Paul Millsap signs with the Denver Nuggets (3-year/$90M)

Millsap had a lot of interest on the market (Nuggets, Timberwolves, Hawks, Rockets, Suns)  .. I think he is a bit overrated and now overpaid


Avery Bradley and Marcus Morris swap

The Detroit Pistons and Boston Celtics agreed to swap Marcus Morris and a second round pick for Avery Bradley .. I do not like the move for the Celtics as Bradley is one of the top 3 and D players in the game and a valuable piece for the Celtics .. Yes, he is a free agent next year .. However, he is too valuable and they are in WIN NOW mode .. You do not worry about next year


Ricky Rubio traded to the Utah Jazz

Another nice move for the Timberwolves .. They have been trying to move Rubio for a while now .. They wanted a Point Guard that can shoot better and wanted to get his contract off the books .. They did both and receive Oklahoma City’s 2018 first round pick (top-14 protected) from the Jazz


Otto Porter re-signed by the Washington Wizards (4-year/$106M)

The Nets originally signed Otto Porter to an offer sheet, but the Wizards matched it .. After losing out on Paul George they needed to bring Porter back .. Porter will be a key piece for the Wizards this year, but they need to add another piece if they want to contend


Brook Lopez headed to the Los Angeles Lakers .. D’Angelo Russell headed to the Brooklyn Nets

The Nets have traded Brook Lopez and Kyle Kuzma to the Lakers in exchange for D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov .. It was hard to find who “won” this trade .. I like the trade for both sides .. Seems pretty fair to me


Jrue Holiday re-signs with the New Orleans Pelicans (5-year/$126M)

The Pelicans can shock a lot of teams this year if Holiday stays healthy .. That is a big IF .. He is hurt way too often to be receiving all this money


George Hill signs with the Sacramento Kings (3-year/$57M)

Very affordable deal considering what is being handed out nowadays .. Top 5 Point Guards on the market this year .. The Kings add some veteran presence to mentor Fox


Dirk Nowitzki re-signs with the Dallas Mavericks (2-year/$10M)

This guy is such a class act .. Could have received a bigger payday for sure, but always puts team first .. Have to love it


J.J. Redick signs with the Philadelphia 76ers (1-year/$23M)

Win-Win .. Philadelphia gets some veteran presence on a one-year deal .. J.J. gets paid a shit ton for a year .. Can prove himself and get more money and years next year


Jeff Teague signs with the Minnesota Timberwolves (3-year/$57M)

Same deal as George Hill .. Maybe a slightly better player .. Great deal for the Timberwolvs .. Wanted a veteran Point Guard that can shoot and they got him


Danilo Gallinari signs with the Los Angeles Clippers (3-year/$65M)

Lose Chris Paul and sign Danilo Gallinari .. That was the plan right? Yeah, no .. Gallinari is a solid player, but does get hurt too often


Serge Ibaka re-signs with the Toronto Raptors (3-year/$65M)

Serge has really fell off .. He was being discussed as a top 10 Power Foward .. Now, I don’t think I can say that .. Toronto needed to re-sign him though and they did


Joe Ingles re-signs with the Utah Jazz (4-year/$52M)

He will see a big increase in his role with Hayward gone .. Keep an eye on him for Fantasy Basketball reasons .. Not a bad deal for the Jazz


Andre Iguodala re-signs with the Golden State Warriors (3-year/$48M)

He may have received more money elsewhere, but who would want to leave the Warriors? Not me .. Gets paid a decent amount for a 33-year old and there’s a good chance he can add a couple more rings


Nene revises his deal with the Houston Rockets (3-year/$11M)

The Rockets need some depth .. Nene did not garner much interest .. Works out for both sides


Rudy Gay signs with the San Antonio Spurs (2-year/$17M)

GREAT, GREAT, GREAT signing for the Spurs .. My favorite so far this off-season .. I think he stays healthy and proves a lot of people wrong


Patty Mills re-signs with the San Antonio Spurs (4-year/$50M)

A very underrated player for the Spurs .. Played a big role when Tony Parker went down .. Will play an even bigger role this year as I believe Parker’s career is coming to an end


Dion Waiters re-signs with the Miami Heat (4-year/$52M)

I thought he would get paid more .. The Miami Heat needed this badly once they could not lure Hayward to South Beach


Tony Snell re-signs with the Milwaukee Bucks (4-year/$46M)

Depth signing for the Bucks .. Snell is a nice piece off the bench


Tim Hardaway Jr. receives offer from the New York Knicks (4-year/$71M)

Why do the Knicks keep doing this to me .. I doubt the Hawks match the offer .. Not sure why the Knicks want a 4-year reunion with Hardaway .. He is not worth more money than Waiters *Hawks said they will not match the offer*

James Johnson re-signs with the Miami Heat (4-year/$60M)

Johnson was an underrated player for the Heat last year .. They keep re-signing their players, but are not getting any better

Taj Gibson signs with the Minnesota Timberwolves (2-year/$28M)

I think he fits the Timberwolves starting rotation better than Gorgui Dieng does .. Also brings veteran leadership and toughness to a young team


Amir Johnson signs with the Philadelphia 76ers (1-year/$11M)

Philadelphia needed to spend some money and they are doing so with 1-year deals .. Really cannot hurt them at all


Zach Randolph signs with the Sacramento Kings (2-years/$24M)

Sacramento just keeps adding veteran presence .. He is towards the end of his career, but will be more than happy to take $12M per year


Milos Teodosic signs with the Los Angeles Clippers (2-years/$12.3M)

The Clippers are going to have to find a way to replace Chris Paul .. Pat Beverly said Milos is the best player in the NBA now .. We will see Pat ..


Kelly Olynyk signs with the Miami Heat (4-years/$50M)

The Heat add a new face, but I do not think he has that much of an impact for the Heat .. He can space the floor for the Heat and play the Power Forward position, but his defense is atrocious


David West re-signs with the Golden State Warriors (1-year/TBA)

His last year in the NBA .. Why not try to win another ring


Andre Roberson re-signs with the Oklahoma City Thunder (3-years/$30M)

One of the better defenders in the NBA .. He would have received a bigger offer if he could learn how to shoot .. Please Andre lock yourself in the gym and only shoot threes all off-season


Cristiano Felicio re-signs with the Chicago Bulls (4-years/$32M)

Felicio is only 24 years old .. The Bulls are rebuilding .. Cheap deal .. Nothing to really see here


Patrick Patterson signs with the Oklahoma City Thunder (3-year/$16.4M)

Another signing that I absolutely love .. Very cheap for the Thunder .. Patterson adds some depth to the Thunder .. Will complement PG13 and Russ well


Nick Young signs with the Golden State Warriors (1-year/$5.2M)


Image result for nick young gifImage result for nick young i hate passing tweet


Langston Galloway signs with the Detroit Pistons (3-years/$21M)

Depth signing .. Cheap contract .. Move on


P.J. Tucker signs with the Houston Rockets (4-years/$32M)

Signing Tucker to 4-years might come back to hurt the Rockets down the road, but they’re in win now mode .. For now it is a very good signing for Tucker to come off the bench


Darren Collison signs with the Indiana Pacers (2-years/$20M)

A reunion between the Pacers and Collison .. Only $10M a year for what should be their starting Point Guard


Jodie Meeks signs with the Washington Wizards (2-years/$7M)

Cheap off the bench option for the Wizards


Shaun Livingston re-signs with the Golden State Warriors (3-years/$24M)

So the Warriors keep bringing back their team from last year and add Nick Young .. It’s not fair


Justin Holiday signs with the Chicago Bulls (2-years/$9M)

The team that traded him last off-season, signs him this off-season .. A high energy player off the bench


Kyle Korver re-signs with the Cleveland Cavaliers (3-years/$22M)

He never brought over that shooting touch the Cavs hoped for .. Maybe he finds it again this year


Omri Caspi signs with the Golden State Warriors (1-year/TBA)

Image result for another one gif


Vince Carter signs with the Sacramento Kings (1-year/$8M)

Calling all veteran players .. The Sacramento Kings want you to mentor their young core .. Who better than Carter?


Ben McLemore signs with the Memphis Grizzlies (2-years/$10.7M)

So much hype coming out of college and he never lived up to it .. McLemore gets a fresh start in Memphis


Ron Baker tweets that he will re-sign with the New York Knicks (2-years/$8.9M)

RONNNN .. Fan favorite .. Knicks will could use some guard depth


Michael Carter-Williams signs with the Charlotte Hornets (one-year/$2.7M)

He has fallen hard since he was Rookie of the Year with the 76ers .. Maybe that potential can be unlocked again with the Hornets .. Win-win deal here


Jose Calderon signs with the Cleveland Cavaliers (1-year/TBA)

Deron Williams was not very good for the Cavs .. They need a back-up Point Guard .. They take a chance with Calderon


Mike Scott signs with the Washington Wizards (1-year/$1.7M)

The Wizards are just adding depth to their roster .. Need a bigger piece to make more noise in the playoffs next year


Josh McRoberts traded to the Dallas Mavericks

The Heat will send Josh McRoberts, a 2023 second round pick and cash to the Mavericks for A.J. Hammons


Mike Muscala re-signs with the Atlanta Hawks (2-years/$10M)

The Hawks needed some Power Forward depth after Millsap skipped town .. Muscala will play a bigger role for the Hawks this year


Tyreke Evans signs with the Memphis Grizzlies (1-year/$3.3M)

Another one of those “has all the talent in the world, but can’t stay healthy” players .. Nice cheap signing for the Grizzlies .. Can bring some offensive support to a team that needs it from the SG/SF position


Bojan Bogdanovic signs with the Indiana Pacers (2-years/$21M)

Bogdanovic will most likely slide into the starting Small Forward position with Paul George gone .. I think he has a shot to have a breakout year for the Pacers


Raymond Felton signs with the Oklahoma City Thunder (1-year/TBA)

Nice signing for the Thunder .. They really struggled when Russ was on the bench last year because they did not have a back-up for him .. Now they do


Zaza Pachulia re-signs with the Golden State Warriors (1-year/$3.5M)

Enough already .. I mean really .. Are they ever going to stop signing players?


Shelving Mack signs with the Orlando Magic (2-years/$12M)

Just a plain depth signing .. Mack has never had eye-popping numbers .. He will be a nice back-up for the Magic though


Jeff Green signs with the Cleveland Cavaliers (1-year/$2.3M)

Nice depth signing for the Cavs .. He can play multiple positions and give some guys rest .. Brings toughness to the team


James Harden and the Houston Rockets agree to an extension (4-years/$228M)

James Harden is one of the best players in the league and boy did the Rockets pay him like one .. This deal will go down as the biggest contract extension in NBA history


Jamal Crawford signs with the Minnesota Timberwolves (2-years/$8.9M)

The Timberwolves just continue their stellar off-season .. They add former 6th Man of the Year to their team .. He will be an excellent piece coming off the bench for the TWolves .. They are a top 5 team right now in the West


The Toronto Raptors trade DeMarre Carroll to the Brooklyn Nets

The Raptors will send Carroll, a future first-round and second-round pick to the Nets for Justin Hamilton .. The Carroll deal was a bad signing for the Raptors and they are trying to clean up their books a bit .. They will most likely waive Hamilton


The Toronto Raptors finalize a sign-and-trade with the Indiana Pacers

The Raptors will send Cory Joseph to the Pacers for CJ Miles .. Miles is a very nice addition off the bench for the Raptors and is a very good 3-point shooter .. Cory Joseph will likely be the back up to Darren Collison


Aron Baynes signs with the Boston Celtics (1-year/$4.3M)

Amir Johnson and Kelly Olynyk both found different teams this off-season, Baynes will try to fill the void left by them .. Baynes will see some decent playing team off the bench for the Celtics


Alan Williams re-signs with the Phoenix Suns (3-years/$17M)

Williams is a very undersized Center, but fits well with the Suns .. By signing him it gives the Suns the option to trade Tyson Chandler or decide not to re-sign Alex Len


Joeffrey Lauvergne signs with the San Antonio Spurs (2-years/TBA)

This is such a Pop signing .. Lauvergne has played for the French national team with some of the Spurs’ players including Tony Parker .. He will come off the bench for the Spurs


Reggie Bullock re-signs with the Detroit Pistons (2-years/$5M)

Very cheap deal for what could possibly be their starting Small Forward .. With Marcus Morris out of town, Bullock and Stanley Johnson will compete for the starting spot


Anthony Tolliver signs with the Detroit Pistons (1-year/$3.3M)

Just a depth signing .. Nothing much to see here besides that


Dewayne Dedmon signs with the Atlanta Hawks (2-years/$14M)

The second year of this contract is a player option .. After trading away Howard the Hawks were slim at the Center position .. There is a good chance Dedmon can start for the hawks


Kentavious Caldwell-Pope sings with the Los Angeles Lakers (1-year/$18M)

I like the deal for the Lakers .. Pope was looking to sign a 4-year deal worth over $100M and they signed him to this .. Not sure what that says exactly for Pope though .. This Lakers get younger and the deal cannot hurt them .. Caldwell-Pope can have an impact for the Lakers with Russell and Young out of the picture


Cedi Osman signs with the Cleveland Cavaliers (3-years/$8.3M)

He was selected by the Cavs with the 31st pick in the 2015 draft .. Always interesting to see foreign players come over .. You never really know what they are going to provide


Thabo Sefolosha signs with the Utah Jazz (2-years/$10.5M)

With Gordon Hayward leaving for Boston, the Jazz are looking to find their next starting SF .. Sefolosha wanted a meaningful role with his next team and will certainly have the chance in Utah


Jonas Jerebko signs with the Utah Jazz (2-years/$8.2M)

Boris Diaw was waived and Derrick Favors has had some knee issues .. The Jazz are in need of frontcourt depth and get that with Jerebko


Ersan Ilyasova signs with the Atlanta Hawks (1-year/$6M)

The Hawks are starting to pile up that frontcourt .. Ilyasova will join Muscala, Dedmon, Plumlee amd John Collins .. They will fight for starting and reserve roles


Ekpe Udoh signs with the Utah Jazz (2-years/$6.5M)

Udoh was the 6th overall pick in the 2010 Draft .. He was taken ahead of Paul George and Gordon Hayward .. It is safe to say the Warriors have bounced back from then .. Udoh will be a depth player for the Jazz


Nick Collison re-signs with the Oklahoma City Thunder (1-year/TBA)

This will be Nick Collison’s final NBA season .. He has always been a great locker room player and that is exactly why the Thunder are bringing him back


Jonathan Simmons signs with the Orlando Magic (3-years/$20M)

I was really hoping to see Simmons go to a contender .. He played well for the Spurs off the bench last season .. He will be fighting for a starting spot with Jonathan Isaac, Terrence Ross and Even Fournier


Tarik Black signs with the Houston Rockets (1-year/Minimum)

The terms of the contract are unknown, but sources say it will most likely be a minimum deal .. He won’t see much playing time with the Rockets .. It is more of a depth signing after they traded away a lot in the CP3 deal


Rajon Rondo signs with the New Orleans Pelicans (1-year/$3.3M)

The Pelicans re-signed Jrue Holiday to a big extension this off-season .. Signing Rondo along with him seems as if they prefer Holiday to play SG instead of Point .. The Pelicans will need to improve their weak bench if they hope to make the playoffs this upcoming season

Luc Mbah a Moutier signs with the Houston Rockets (1-year/Minimum)

The Rockets are just looking to add depth to a depleted bench .. Mbah a Moute will not have much of a role with the Rockets rather than emergency depth at both forward spots


Rade Zagorac signs with the Memphis Grizzlies (3-years/$3.9M)

The Grizzlies originally drafted Zagorac in the 2nd round of the 2016 NBA Draft, but he spent the season playing overseas in Serbia .. There won’t but much of a role for him besides emergency depth


Willie Reed signs with the Los Angeles Clippers (1-year/$1.5M)

He will serve as DeAndre Jordan’s backup with a start here and there when Jordan needs a night off ..


Mario Chalmers signs with the Memphis Grizzlies (1-year/TBA)

It is a partially guaranteed contract so he will be fighting for a roster spot .. Even if he makes the roster he will be fighting with Wade Baldwin for the backup PG position


Shane Larkin signs with the Boston Celtics (1-year/Minimum)

Nothing more than a depth signing here .. With Bradley out of the picture, Marcus Smart will most likely play more SG this year .. This bumps up Terry Rozier to the backup PG and leaves an opening for Larkin at the third PG spot


Damien Wilkins signs with the Indiana Pacers (1-year/Minimum)

Really? Damien Wilkins hasn’t played in the NBA since the 2012-2013 season .. Very weird signing for the Pacers here


Troy Williams signs with the Houston Rockets (3-years/TBA)

Only one year of the deal is guaranteed .. He played with the Rockets and Grizzlies last year, but really impressed scouts in the Summer League .. The Rockets may look to Williams to fill Sam Dekker’s shoes


Udonis Haslem re-signs with the Miami Heat (1-year/Minimum)

Haslem and the Heat go together like a fat kid and cake .. He will not be playing much, but rather be a player-coach .. This will be Haslem’s 15th season


Pau Gasol re-signs with the San Antonio Spurs (3-years/TBA)

The third year of his contract is only partially guaranteed .. Good deal for Gasol at his age, but not sure about the Spurs .. Then again the Spurs do not do anything wrong .. He will most likely play the same role he did last season


John Wall agrees to the designated player veteran exception with the Washington Wizards

The extension goes through 2023 and is worth a total of $207M .. Wall is one of the top Point Guards in the game and sooner or later the Wizards were going to extend him


Marreese Speights signs with the Orlando Magic (1-year/Minimum)

He declined the same deal from the Clippers .. He will join a frontcourt that already features Vucevic and Biyombo .. Speights plays different than those two so he may get some minutes


Derrick Rose signs with the Cleveland Cavaliers (1-year/Minimum)

This is a shocker to me .. Rose wanted max money last year and now he signs for the minimum .. Not only that, but he will most likely come off the bench if Kyrie is still in town .. Rose didn’t seem to fit with Melo and Porzingis, what happens when he plays with Lebron?


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