Mookie Betts: An Underrated Superstar in the Making.

In a season overshadowed by the end of one legend’s career, Red Sox nation would soon learn the name of another one in the making. Mookie Betts, the surprising  AL MVP candidate, put his name on the map by taking a page out of David Ortiz’s book and hit 31 home runs in his 2016 campaign. Although he displays flashes of a raw power hitter, he was also recongnized  for his quick and flashy defense that earned him a Gold Glove award last season.

Flashforward to the 2017 season. As of today, he is hitting .285 with 15 HR and 51 RBIs to go along with 15 stolen bases. He currently has a season high .367 On Base Percentage Through the first 80 games of the season. Just last week, he had a 4-6 game at the plate with two homeruns and eight RBIs to help beat the Toronto Blue Jays 15-1. It’s breakout games like these that flash his untapped potential as a deadly hitter in a pitcher dominant league.

He is unlike many of the great hitters in the league, or the many great defensive players in the league. Not many players can do it on both sides of the ball at the prolific rate in which he does.

Making his second consecutive All Star game apperance, along with fellow teammates Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrel, (also Xander Bogaerts if he wins the final vote). There is nothing but upside to the potential that he has. Between him and CF Jackie Bradley Jr. they have the deepest range of any RF-CF combo in the game right now. Last year, he was a runner up for the AL MVP, but the best is yet to come. 


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