Blake Griffin Destinations

Blake Griffin’s days with the Clippers are over. His days in Los Angeles though? Oh boy, get ready for some drama. I will outline where Griffin may go and where I think he will go.


Phoenix Suns


PG Eric Bledsoe

SG Devin Booker

SF T.J. Warren

PF Blake Griffin

C Tyson Chandler


The Phoenix Suns are a team with a lot of youth. They love to run and push the ball. Blake Griffin also stated in a podcast that Phoenix is one of the more underrated NBA cities. The Suns could use an experienced player and Griffin knows that. But does he want to join a team that will be at the bottom of the Western Conference? Nope. Sorry Phoenix, it isn’t happening.


Denver Nuggets


PG Jamal Murray

SG Will Barton

SF Wilson Chandler

PF Blake Griffin

C Nikola Jokic


The Nuggets intrigue Griffin a bit more because of Jokic. Jokic emerged as one of the best passing Centers in the game. Pairing Jokic with Griffin would make the best passing frontcourt in the NBA. The Nuggets also have a lot of youth, but they are a bit deeper than the Suns. They also barely missed the playoffs last year. Would Griffin push them into the playoffs? Yes. Will he join the Nuggets? No.


Boston Celtics


PG Isaiah Thomas

SG Avery Bradley

SF Jae Crowder

PF Blake Griffin

C Al Horford


Oh my. Wow. Just look at that lineup. How does Blake say no to this? A team with so much history. Being in the easy Eastern Conference. I mean there’s no way he can turn this down, right? There isn’t, but the Celtics do. They go after Gordon Hayward or Paul George instead. If they don’t get either of them, well welcome aboard Blake!


Oklahoma City Thunder

PG Russell Westbrook

SG Victor Oladio

SF Jerami Grant

PF Blake Griffin

C Steven Adams


Now this is my dark horse candidate. Blake would be able to play with the reigning MVP. He would play on a team that loves to push the ball with one of the best point guards in the game. The team is full of explosiveness and excitement. They were able to make the playoffs as a 7 seed and to be quite honest, they were not good. Adding a superstar like Griffin puts the Thunder into a top 5 seed in the West. Blake really considers this, but this is not where I have him either.


Los Angeles Lakers

PG Lonzo Ball

SG Jordan Clarkson

SF Brandon Ingram

PF Blake Griffin

C Brook Lopez


Welcome home Blake! Or should I say .. You are home? Blake Griffin becomes the most loved/hated player in the city. Clippers *cough, fake* fans hate him for going across town. Lakers fans love him for taking them to the playoffs. Griffin comes to the Lakers for a few reasons. He loves Los Angeles and going to the Lakers lets him stay, but start fresh. They have some very good young players and his game fits very well. What is the main reason, you ask? Free agency 2018. The Lakers will add another piece and Blake knows it. Get ready Lakers fan, Rob Pelinka is getting ready to bring you a Championship.


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